Iraqi Emigrant Accepts Sexual Assault!

Just a month after being released from the immigration imprisonment Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat accepted vulgarly assaulting a female on Adelaide train in July, this year. Sidaqat came into sight in the Magistrate’s court (Adelaide) and begged guilty for the offence.

No one in the train even responded when the scared and powerless 16 year old girl asked for help in the Adelaide train. Soon after 4 days, Sidaqat was arrested and spent almost a month in the custody.

Furthermore, the court got acquainted with the fact that before Sidaqat fled with his 4 children and wife to Pakistan (4 years ago); he was arrested and tortured by the Taliban (Afghanistan).

About a year ago, Sidaqat paid $US 15,000 at Iran for a ship passage to Australia through Malaysia.

After 4 months of immigration imprisonment at the Christmas Island, he was released on humanity grounds and traveled to Adelaide to reside.

Magistrate, Joseph Baldino asked for more information before proceeding forward for Sidaqat’s suspended sentence. He said that he was concerned about the fact that Sidaqat committed an offence soon a month after immigration imprisonment.

The Magistrate staved Sidaqat off to continue on bail and to appear in court in November, this year. He even showed a concern by ordering the psychological and pre-sentence reports for an in depth view of the case.

During the course of hearing, victim’s father interrupted by questioning so as to why Sidaqat was released on bail. Mr Baldino, the Magistrate informed him that the Sidaqat’s bail had been an order from the court.

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