Lack of Funds for Tamil Asylum Seekers!

In order to represent the Tamil migrants who arrived on a Thai cargo ship, the necessary funds are slowly running out. 492 migrants arrived on this ship and are seeking asylum in the nation. The news of the lack of funds came out during a hearing by the Federal Court in response to the challenge placed by the government with reference to the release of some migrants.

One of the duty Counsel, Douglas Cannon who is representing these asylum seekers provided with a copy of letter which informs the duty counsel that there is a shortage of funds. This letter was issued by the Legal Services Society. He also said that an option would be to apply to the Federal Court for more funding.

On the other hand, long arguments took place at the Federal Court regarding the release of four women which has been stopped by the federal government. These include three mothers and a single woman.

During the hearing, Banafsheh Sokhansang, the Government Lawyer debated that this release is premature as there is a major doubt when it comes to establishing the identities of these women.

However, Cannon who was representing the three mothers stated that they have been extremely cooperative. More so, the adjudicator from the Immigration and Refugee Board is an expert in his job. At the same, it is not law stated in the law to block the release of people despite their identities not being established.

As of now, it has been argued by the Federal government that more time is needed to confirm the identities of these migrants. Also, in cases where it can be said that the identification documents are genuine by the analysts, the government officials argue that they need more time to ensure that these documents are not forged.

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