Asylum Seekers Want to Meet Immigration Officials!

With the ongoing protestations in place, 11 asylum seekers (who are a part of these protests being carried out on the roof top of the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney) have now asked for someone from the Australian Department of Immigration to visit them. The protests involve 9 Tamil men from Sri Lanka and 2 Iraqi men who are protesting on the roof of the detention centre.

A second of the incident took where in one of the group members had cut himself. These people have been on the roof since the Fiji national died at the immigration centre from where he was supposed to be deported. It is being supposed that the Fiji national had committed suicide by jumping from the roof.

According to Bala Vigneswaran who belongs to the Australian Tamil Congress, these men protesting would prefer to die than return to their nation where there are higher chances of them being tortured. So, getting tortured again is definitely not an option for these people. And since they would anyway die there too, they find it better to die here without being tortured.

The reason why wanted someone from the Immigration Department to come and meet them was for the authorities to understand how desperation and to listen to their stories. However, no one has yet turned up to meet these detainees.

The death of the Fijian man has definitely called for the Immigration Detention Advisory Group under the Federal Government to cater to the mental health care of all those in custody. However, as per Mark Butler, the Federal Minister for Mental Health feels that it is not his responsibility. Instead, he says that this should be directly dealt by the Immigration Minister.

As per Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister, he is looking into this tragic incident that has taken place. As of now, the police are investigating the case.

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