Kenney Set to Introduce Legislation!

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is intending to come out with legislation that would further inhibit the entry of more and more asylum seekers in the country. If reports are to be believed, the action has been followed, courtesy the mass arrival of illegal boat people who travel to the country through sea route in huge number. Tamil migrants are in the top list of these arrivals!

Recently a large group of Tamil migrants moved to British Columbia. The group included 49 minors. Their arrival created a huge debate in the country, fueling the issue of mass arrival of asylum seekers through sea route. The debate is concerned with the fact whether immigrants without proper immigration processes should be allowed to enter the country or not?

According to sources, stricter rules would be proposed for human smugglers, to bar the involvement of illegal immigration in Canada.

This legislation would be targeted at those asylum seekers who come in masses in the country. Hence, a new class of asylum seekers would be defined, the ones who come in large groups, courtesy this decision. Reports also say that their waiting period for a detention hearing would be extending to two weeks, rather than two days.

In a statement against human smuggling, Kenney termed the aspects of migrant smuggling and human trafficking as big global issues. He continued saying that the country is working to combat the facets of frauds linked with illegal immigrants who come to Canada. The same was confirmed in statements from The Canadian Press.

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