Clinton Says Obstacle Lies In Russian Immigrants!

Bill Clinton has expressed his anger and stated that the increasing number of Russian immigrant population which is residing in the country of Israel is creating great obstacles to create peace with Palestinians. For this comment of his, he has come under a heavy axe from the Russian-born Israeli politicians.

Clinton went on to say that the present Israel is a very different Israel. Also, the former President termed Russian youngsters as “the hardest core” groups. Also, as far as the statistics are concerned, at present, Russian is spoken by almost sixteen per cent of the Israelis and that is a huge number.

The comments of Clinton suffered a greater amount of scrutiny from various groups all over the world. Many people in Israel also condemned his statements. According to politician Natan Sharansky, he is very much disappointed by Clinton’s usage of meaningless stereotypes about the people of Israel.

He went on to comment that it was wrong on his part to have divide their views and thinking on peace and further based these facets on ethnic basis. In addition, Clinton was criticized for barging into the internal affairs of the country.

Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has applauded the comments from the former US President as distressing.

The former US President has faced wrath from various Israelis communities as well.

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