Biometric System in Canada!

The biometric system is being brought about by the Canadian police and border officials in an effort to strengthen the security system at the border. It is being said that the officials have been working overtime to bring out a state of the art system which could be introduced next year. This is a five year long project.

The project caters to securing the nation’s borders. These include immigration, Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP. With the new system in place, all applicants would have to provide with their photographs as well as fingerprints for the digital visa version.

As per the department, when an immigrant enters legally into the nation via a Canadian port of entry, the authorities would confirm whether or not the visa holder is the same person to whom the visa is issued.

With the new biometric system in place, it would lead to a significant reduction in the number of chances for an individual to pose or leading to a mistaken identity. More so, crimes like identity fraud would be controlled.

In other words, the security system of the nation would be strengthened, especially at the borders. The above system in place would place Canada next to United States and Britain which use this technology.

With the implementation of the first phase of this program, those immigrants coming on visitor, study or work permits would have to go through this system. This project is planned to set from 2011 to 2013.

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