Immigrants Protest in Australia!

Australia: Undocumented workers kept at a processing center in the land of Kangaroos got indulged in protest, following the mandates set by PM Julia Gillard on essential detention (a practice which started in the year 1992).

Nine Chinese nationals showed their protest on the roof of the Villawood Detention Centre. It was confirmed from Sandi Logan, the spoke person from the Immigration Department that these nine people remained on the roof and they did not provide the information on their nationalities.

It all followed after a Fijian who was ordered deportation jumped from the same roof a day before. Experts are of the belief that the country is in a desperate need of a genuine system which takes care of the need of the detainees and decide the right way for the undocumented workers. In addition to that, the treatment to which they are succumbing to should be taken care of, with respect to each individual.

The focus should be kept on the detainee conditions and take care of the processing time, so that the detainees are not kept in a state of limbo for months and months. Critics believe that Australia need to rethink on the aspect of mandatory detention

At present, thousands and thousands of asylum seekers are waiting for their pending decisions at various detention centers in the country.

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