Immigration Issues Burning in Maryland!

Recently, T-shirts were being sold which supported the immigration enforcement in Arizona, United States in a mall. A merchant was told by the owner of a Frederick shopping mall that he was violating his lease by selling these T-shirts. The owner has apologized for the same. The company spokeswoman informed about the same.

The slogans on these T-shirts were Maryland stands with Arizona which was placed below the picture of the nation’s flag. This was stated as being sold to a conservative set of customers. However, these shirts can be considered as raising racial sentiments and as a provocative tool for the local Americans.

With immigration already being such a heated debate, the above instance could simply be considered as an added spark. More so, this instance means that the lease terms of the shop have been violated. The terms and conditions only permitted the sale of prints and framing. As per reports, these could also be considered as commodities containing offensive or derogatory political messages. This is again a violation of the lease.

On the other hand, immigration debate is a current issue in the Frederick County where the above incident took place. From 2008, this has been the only county in Maryland which has been participating in a program by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This program is known as the 287(g) which trains deputies to check the immigration status of people who are stopped for reasons other than immigration. At the same time, many officials from the country supported the recently introduced immigration law in Arizona.

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