Economic Realities about Immigration!

As per The Hamilton Project, it is crucial to put forward the recent immigration issues in an economic setup which is built upon affective evidence. The facts drawn from the available data and the academic literature are provided to the FAQ’s based on immigration in the US.

Almost all the Americans believe that the current immigration system of the US is confusing and not very clear, and so are the economic facts based on the issue of immigration. The true effects of jobs, budgets, wages and even the US economy are very unclear and inaccurate.

These below mentioned facts points out towards a more nuanced view American Immigration:

  • Currently immigrants come from more countries than the previous immigrants and they even carry a wide range of skills with them which range from PhD graduates from American Universities to laborers without even graduation.
  • Most of the recent immigrants made an entry legally but around 11 million are unauthorized immigrants who are presently living and working in America. Most of the unauthorized immigrants settled more than half a decade ago in America. The adverse affects of these immigrants on the US economy should be considered in the immigration reform.
  • The percentage of immigrants has reached 12% of the overall population of America. This is the statistics of last immigration peak while there has been drastic shifting of immigrants since then.
  • The influence of immigrants on the wages and the employment is the major issue for US workers now. The skills of the immigrants affect the economic status of the country tremendously.
  • Another controversial point is the consequences of the unauthorized immigrants on the US economy.

As expected there are many other factors too but economic proof is the only matter of confusion. The Hamilton Project will reconsider the issue of immigration based on the recommendations of the policy on economic issues being faced in US in the coming moths and years ahead.

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