Key Indicators to Identify Unauthorized Canada Immigration Consultants

The Indian immigration consultancy landscape is scattered with several amateur operators, as well as established agencies indulging in fraudulent practices to mislead and attract unassuming immigration aspirants. Intending migrants must identify the most reliable Canada immigration consultants by considering a range of factors, in order to safeguard their interests and investment.

A licensed Canada immigration consultancy must be able to provide evidence for fulfilling all the requirements listed below:

  • The Canada visa consultant must have an authorized representative – such as an RCIC agent, immigration attorney, or notary – on board, who can represent the client’s interest with federal immigration authorities.
  • The Retainer Agreement must bear the name of the authorized representative.
  • The Federal 5476 form or engagement letter should be signed with the name of the authorized representative mentioned.
  • The consultant should be able to directly contact the Canada-based authorized representative for clarification, advice, or information.
  • Some visa consultants in Delhi offer different fee structures – with and without authorized representation. Clients who ‘opt’ for authorized representation are charged a higher fee than those who do not. However, authorized representation is not an option. It is a mandatory requirement. This practice is illegal and violates the existing regulations.
  • Authorized representatives like RCIC agents are required to inform the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) regarding their affiliation with overseas agents i.e. immigration consultancies. Clients can write to the ICCRC and verify if their local consultancy is associated to a particular RCIC agent. If the Indian immigration consultant is not listed as an agent on the ICCRC website, the association is illegal and the organization should be reported.

Before selecting the ideal Canada visa consultants, it is imperative to research their credentials, go through client testimonials, and gain an overview of the organization. Abhinav Outsourcings has been providing authentic consultancy services since 1994. 25 years of experience have taught us that immigration is a dynamic field, which is subject to several variables. Thus, we are averse to false guarantees, and instead focus on providing consistent support and guidance at every step of the process, while ensuring utmost transparency in operations.

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