Australia following the footprints of Canada on attracting migrants and population in regional areas

According to the sources, Australian Population Minister Alan Tudge admitted to have inspired by the Canada’s blueprint of empowering provinces to nominate desired skilled professionals.

It has become clear that the Australian Minister for Population Alan Tudge, is keen to replicate the Canada’s success of provincial immigration pattern in Australia, to boost the Australia Immigration in the regional areas. He believes that Canada’s model of Immigration can be put to best use in attracting new comers to settle in the smaller regions rather than swarming the already populated country’s biggest cities.

He stated in a Sydney Summit, “While there is no requirement for new immigrants to stay in the province that has nominated them, the evidence is that the vast majority stay in that province”. At the outset of the Australia federal election in May, the government is targeting to shift the targeted migration concentration from major cities to smaller regions.

As the result, the government reduced the annual quota on Australia Permanent Resident migrants from 190,000 to 160,000 but introduced more benefits for the skilled professionals and international students to reside in the regional areas.

In the same scenario, if we look at the statistics of Canada, before the policy change in the early 1990s, only 10 % of the new immigrants settled outside the country’s biggest cities. But now, the figure has improved radically to 34 %. Upon comparing with Canada, Australia scaled a mere 14 % of the 1.4 million migrants who moved to the country between 2011 and 2016, settled outside of the greater capital cities.

Following the footprints of Canada, he stated that, “Canada provides an interesting case study in how migration policy can achieve a better distribution of population growth,”. “This program is one example of a bottom-up approach to migration.”

The enthusiasm is clearly evident that Australia will witness fundamental changes in the Immigration norms to boost the Australia immigration in the secluded regional areas. Australia PR Visa holders will be motivated and incentivized by the authorities to settle in these regions.

For those who wish to migrate to Australia, a new Australia Permanent Residency visa pathway (Subclass 491) will come into effect in November 2019 that will permit the skilled migrants to live and work in regional areas for at least 5 years.

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