New Regulations for Education Agents Recruiting International Students for Study in Australia

Pursuing further study in Australia allows international students to access a world-class education system, vibrant campus culture, overseas work experience, lucrative job opportunities, and the possibility of extending their stay in the country through a temporary or permanent residence visa.

Almost half of all international students in Australia have sought the assistance of education agents. These agents can help students to identify a course and institution that suits their purpose, submit an attractive application package, facilitate enrollment, and navigate the Student Visa Australia immigration procedure through registered migration agents.

The recruitment and education of foreign students in Australian universities, colleges and other educational institutions is governed by the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act – specifically the Regulations and National Code outlined within the Act.

As per a revised set of regulations, which come into effect on 1st October 2019, education providers such as schools, universities and colleges in Australia are obligated to submit the following additional information to the Provider Registration and International Management System, in cases where students are recruited through education agents:

  • Name of the agent
  • Address of the principal place of business of the agent
  • Address of the registered office of the body corporate, and names of the body corporate’s directors (if the agent is a body corporate)
  • Postal address of the agent
  • Phone Number, email address and website of the agent (if any)
  • ABN or ACN of the agent (if any)
  • Trading name(s) of the agent
  • Migration Agents Registration Number of the agent (if the agent is a registered migration agent)
  • If the education agent’s employee(s) is/are involved in facilitating the enrollment, the employee’s name, email address, and Migration Agents Registration Number (if the employee is a registered migration agent) should also be recorded.

Based on this information, the Australian government will publish performance data on education agents, which will allow regulators to assess whether or not education providers are complying with the ESOS Act and the National Code with regard to education agents.

Ultimately, education agents can chart a clear path to study in Australia, provided they have the required knowledge and authority to assure consistent support. With the new regulations being rolled out, there is a greater scope for transparency and accountability – which is bound to streamline the transition to Australia for international students.

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