How to Get PR in Australia? Follow These 9 Steps!

Permanent Residence (PR) in a country like Australia means you are suddenly exposed to the finest in facilities and opportunities, at one of the best global platforms. The result: more money and an improved life with your dear and near ones abroad. So, become a resident in this developed global economy, but how to get Permanent Residence (PR) in Australia?

What’s the process for filing a PR Visa application?

Down Under and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) run a fast-track points based migration system, called SkillSelect, earlier General Skilled Migration (GSM) system. To move to the country, as a skilled migrant with a PR Visa, you have to navigate through it, and get the minimum Australia skilled migration cut-off points which presently stand at 65 (earlier 60).

It will make you eligible for an Invitation to Apply (ITA), to apply for PR and get it through the fast-track visa route.

But before you push ahead and apply, you have to fulfill many compulsory residency requirements.

Australia PR RequirementsAmong many, these are the key ones:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old and below 50.
  2. The occupation you nominate must be there on the latest Australia Skilled Occupation List (SoL) for Down Under. It means the professionals like you must be in-demand in the country.
  3. You must be healthy, not suffering from any communicable diseases, and have a good crime-free background.
  4. You must get not less than 65 points on the Points Grid on certain important factors.
  5. You must have reasonably good English language skills.

How to Get PR in Australia through SkillSelect?

Coming back to the process, you have to follow these 9 important steps to obtain that will unlock the doors to a bright future overseas:

  1. Educational Qualifications, Work & Language Skills Evaluation: Be through with this important step via getting your skills examined by the concerned organizations.
  2. SkillSelect Profile Creation: Create your profile, via sharing important details, related to your age, education, work experience in Oz, employment experience abroad, language skills, etc.
  3. Profile Review: The DHA officials will review your profile and give it points.
  4. Receipt of ITA: If you get 75-80 points, you will, perhaps, get an ITA to apply for PR.
  5. Apply for PR: Do it through the Skilled Visa category of your choice, and with every supporting & relevant document.
  6. Get Your Health & Character Examined: Get certificates from the concerned organizations, to prove you are healthy and have a clean record.
  7. Face Interview: If your application gets approved, you will be, perhaps, asked by the DHA to face an interview. Answer the questions thrown with full honesty.
  8. Pay PR Fees: Pay the mandatory PR charges to get the right to enter the nation permanently.

Get Your PR Visa & Move Overseas: Land in the hotspot permanently with your PR Visa.

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