Wish To Know About Australia Working Holiday Visas?

The Australia Working Holiday Maker Program–which comprises the Working Holiday Permit (Subcategory 417), & the Work and Holiday Permit (Subcategory 462)–is basically a cultural exchange arrangement even as the same permits young visitors to have an increased holiday, and be paid, via temporary employment in the country.

To put it differently, the chief object of the permit is to enable the aspirant to have a continued holiday while enhancing his funds with temporary work in Down Under. Remarkably, for several young individuals, holding such a working holiday permit makes it possible for them to experience staying in an overseas nation, minus experiencing the customary expensive costs of looking for work sponsorship in well in advance, or getting involved with costly university exchange schemes.

Among the many kinds of visas up for grabs from the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), these visas enjoy unmatched popularity and acceptance amongst the many Australia immigration inspired people from across the globe. Actually, with the passage of time, the demand for these visas has headed north. And why not!


The permit, the aspirant eventually ought to file a petition for, depends on his specific nation of residence. These kinds of permits enable the aspirants to reside and get a job in Down Under for a maximum of 12 months or 1 year.

Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417)

It’s for those individuals between 18 and 30 years, who are keen in a working holiday of a maximum of 12 months in the nation. The candidate should have grown to be 18, but not 31, while submitting his permit petition. As mentioned before, this visa enables the candidate to supplement the expenses of your holiday via temporary employment. But–in case his chief reason for taking a trip to the Kangaroo Land is to take part in the labor force–he would do well to mull over a permit especially tailored for the given object.

Rights of holders

Among others, the Australia Working Holiday Visas enable the holders to:

1. Gain admission into the country inside 12 months of grant;
2. Reside for a maximum of 1 year or 12 months;
3. Leave & gain re-admission into the nation any number of times during the validity of the permit;
4. Do a job in the Kangaroo Land for a maximum of 6 months with each recruiter/job-provider;
5. Pursue studies for a maximum of 4 months.

In case one holds a second Working Holiday Permit, he could come back to work place for an additional 6 months for a recruiter with whom he may have been involved with on his first Working Holiday Permit.

Permit costs

There is a submission fee. It is usually non refundable, even in case the permit petition is denied or withdrawn.

Permit validity

The time spent outside Down Under while on one’s first or second Working Holiday permit does not expand the duration of the permit.

Second Working Holiday Permit: Work and Holiday visa (Subcategory 462)

If one is in the country, and holds a first Working Holiday Permit, he may stay put there for two years or 24 months from the time he first gained admission into it his First Working Holiday Permit. In case the holder is in Down Under–but does not presently holds a First Working Holiday Permit–he may stay put in the country for 1 year, from the time his Second Working Holiday Permit is offered.

But if the candidate is located outside the nation’s territories, he may take a trip to the nation at any time in the 1 year from the time his second Working Holiday Permit is offered. It cannot be elongated or deferred. The aspirant should reside in Down Under for 1 year from the time his gains entry into the nation for the first time his second Working Holiday Permit.

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