Latest Updates In Canada Skilled Immigration FSWP 2013

As per the Latest Updates In Canada Skilled Immigration FSWP 2013 the pace seems to be picking up for the final entry permission. This year authorities will be accepting 5000 requests under the federal skilled migrant scheme with number cap for each profession cap fixed at 300 per code. There are 24 trades referenced from NOC 2011 tabulation.

Let me remind you of the preliminary processes that must be completed before you place your request for migrating to this awesome destination i.e.

  • All the applicants must get substantiating proofs of their academic accomplishments evaluated from one designated agencies assigned with the responsibility of evaluating and correlating the qualifications as per the predefined Canadian standards
  • Write IELTS language for English or equivalent French language test to substantiate your language skills at par with CLB / NCLC 7

Only after completion of these prelims you can place your request for migrating.

Similarly an annual number sealing of 1000 requests has been placed on PhD stream.

As per the Latest Canada Immigration Updates received last week i.e. July 27th 2013, the number of applications received per occupational code received stand at

0211 – Engineering managers code 10 requests have been received
1112 – Financial and investment analysts 57 requests have been registered
2113 – Geoscientists and oceanographers so far 2 applications have been taken in
2131 – Civil Engineers 4 applications have been registered
2132 – Mechanical Engineers 7 requests have been received so far
2134 – Chemical Engineers 2 requests have been registered
2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers) 20 requests have been received
2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers 51 applications have been registered
2243 – Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanic 1 request registered Industrial
2263 – Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety 1 application has been lodged
3142 – Physiotherapists 1 application is registered as of yet
3143 – Occupational Therapists 1 application has been registered
3211 – medical laboratory Technologists 4 requests have been registered for this code
3216 – Medical Sonographers 2 requests have been received

In all, a total of 163 have reportedly been placed for Canada Immigration FSWP – 2013. This update does indicate at encouraging trends in the Canadian skills migration scheme and the people intending to initiate their application process can start, but it is highly advisable that you must start at the earliest.

The Latest Updates In Canada Skilled Immigration FSWP 2013 are being closely followed world over and your right decision at right time can go a long way in ascertaining your place among the lucky 5000 immigrants this year.

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