Know about the Occupation of Social Workers in Canada

If you want to apply for Canada Immigration under skilled migration program, this is the right time to do so. Ottawa has recently released its latest 29 skilled occupation list, among which the occupation of the Social Worker finds mention, and for which visas are still being issued.

However, there are certain basic criteria that you need to fulfill to qualify for Canada skilled migration visa. There are some specific duties that the qualified Social Workers have to perform. They are:

  • Individually or collectively, along with families, taking the interviews of clients to evaluate their problems and situation, and decide on the services they require.
  • Providing therapy, counseling and assisting clients in their skills development to manage and address their personal and social issues.
  • Planning assistance programs for clients that include referral to companies which provide legal assistance, financial aid, medical treatment, housing and other such services.
  • Investigating cases involving child abuse or blatant neglect and taking authorized action to provide protection, if necessary.
  • Serving as members of professional interdisciplinary teams, working with clients.
  • Serve as advocates for the community client groups, lobby for solutions to issues directly impacting client groups and come up with programs involving intervention and prevention to cater to community requirements.
  • Developing or advising on legislation of social policy, conducting social studies and assisting in development work of communities.
  • Providing services on mediation and psychosocial evaluations.
  • Evaluating the impact of counseling and other social works.
  • Providing consultation and mass education to professional or groups on counseling issues, services and methods.
  • Supervising other social activists.
  • Social workers can have specialization in these fields: family services, child welfare, corrections, addictions or gerontology.
  • If you are an overseas social worker, and wish to work in Canada, apply for a visa NOW! The upper limit may be reached even before you know.

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