Overseas Psychologists Keen on Canada Immigration Must Apply NOW!

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) of Canada encourages skilled overseas workers to migrate to the the nation. Ottawa has brought out its skilled worker list wherein 29 occupations have been mentioned for which visas are currently being issued by Canada Immigration. The profession of Psychologists is one of the occupations.

Psychologists play a pivotal role in mental health care as well as preparing the populace for the better productivity in the modern social set-up in Canada, and elsewhere. Drug rehabilitation and countering the stress in the various walks of life is critical to improve the overall quality of life.

They work as clinical psychologist, experimental psychologist, psychological associate, psychologist, etc. Employment is available in rehabilitation centers, schools, social services, and health programs to combat drug dependency, family violence, crime and other mental health issues.

Many individuals have prospered as Psychologists there. This development has paved a way for many immigrants having appropriate qualification to excel in Canada. At present, the job profile as defined under the Psychologist, include examining, assessing and diagnosing behavioral, emotional and cognitive illnesses, counseling clients, providing therapy, research work.

They counsel and motivate people to overcome their physical and mental disorder even as they induce them with a stability to strive for achieving effective personal, social and vocational development. They commit themselves to research into psychological theory on behavior and mental development processes. They also provide consultation services to government and other organizations.

Psychologists conduct studies and publish research papers, educational texts and articles. Besides, they organize and evaluate treatment programs and deliver presentations at conferences and workshops.

In many provinces, majority of psychologists are employed in the health services. According to the updated estimates, there is going to be an acute shortage in this occupational group in next few years as present potential to generate more aspirants for these professions in the local population is way behind the requirements.

Moreover, more than 50% of professionals are nearing retirement age. This makes prospects in Canada for the new opportunities brighter for the next few years. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation and patient demand for these services is raging high. States like Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut, etc., permit people with Masters in Psychology to work as Psychologists.

But you need to act quickly and get your work visa as soon as possible, as just 500 visas are available for the overseas Psychologists. Let Abhinav Outsourcings handle the process of filing your application. We are updated in every aspect to your requirement. Choice of Port of entry can be an added advantage in a specialist profession like this. We can help you isolate the best entry port that has a promising future for you.

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