Know about Procedure for Canada PR from India

Are you a native of India and enthusiastic about obtaining a Canada PR but not really sure about the procedure to follow from the Indian soil? If the answer is in the affirmative, read the article!

Canada Permanent Residency–Overview

Getting the PR of a country, such as Canada, is like a dream come true. In the hope of a secure and prosperous future, 1000s of Indians aspire to immigrate to the ‘Maple leaf country’. Over the years, the country has become a pretty hot immigration destination for the Indian immigrants. In the ‘Land of Opportunity’, the Permanent Residency applies to those immigrants who are not Canadian citizens by birth, but who have the permission to live and work within the Canadian territory indefinitely.

Thanks to the widespread popularity of the nation, and a rate of immigration, the country has one of the largest Asian colonies outside Asia. Most of the Indians are settled in the various Canadian provinces, like British Columbia (BC), Manitoba, Ontario, etc. Indian permanent residents in Canada enjoy many social, economical, and political rights.
The PR is issued to those who have lived and worked in the nation for a fixed period of two years, and worked on a specific designation and remuneration. The PR status is obtained by getting a visa under two categories, i.e., Work visa and Business Visa. You can only apply for PR if you have lived and worked in the country for a minimum period of three years during the last five years. Significantly, an applicant’s designation and his remunerations also affect his application.

Procedure for Canada PR from India

The immigration hotspot has become a home away from home for the Indian migrants, and those interested in joining their immigrant friends in Canada and intend to obtain the most wanted PR Permit, need to get in touch with Canadian High Commission situated in the Capital city, New Delhi. The concerned authorities at the High Commission will analyze your petition and guide you about the procedure to be followed and become eligible for Canadian PR.

Individually, a separate application form needs to be submitted with the processing fees by each candidate separately. It is likely that the proceeding may take longer than expected, so be patience.

Conditions Apply

The candidate needs to be fluent in either English or French, the two official languages of Canada; should be at least eighteen years of old at the time of submitting the petition; not hold any criminal background; meet the criteria; and should have cleared the Canadian knowledge test.

Benefits of PR

As a permanent resident in the Maple Leaf Country, you are entitled to access these rights:

•    Right to vote and contest elections;
•    Right to hold Canadian passport;
•    Right to move freely with the country;
•    Right to work and study; and
•    Right to access almost same social benefits enjoyed by the nation’s citizens.

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