Know How Telecommunication Network Engineers Can Get PR Visa for Australia

Once the economy of a nation thrives, the demand for technical advancements almost sky rockets, and you may notice that many countries leave no stones unturned to further improve their telephone and internet network. They seem to know that without improving the situation they will be, sort of, handicapped.

You can possibly imagine what would have been the situation in South Korea when the internet system in the country went down for a day, and the entire country faced a deadlock. For those not tuned in the nation faced a very tough time and it put out all stops to bring the state-of-affairs back to normal. So, you may be able to figure-out now the importance of telecommunication in any country.

The trend of providing immigration to qualified Telecommunication Engineers in developed countries, such as the US, Australia, Canada, Denmark., etc., is comparatively higher as they need skilled professionals to fulfill the fast demand for setting-up the communication grid quickly, and in a cost-effective way.

These experts are well versed in this skill even as they have all the traits and prowess that is needed to meet all the deadlines, and effectively set up the communication network and help developing communication hardware and software.

Against this backdrop, if you are a trained Telecom Engineer in your homeland, and you have amassed credible experience and you have done stupendously back home in setting-up the communication grid in your native country, then Oz is interested in you and is ready to welcome you to work for their development and thrive in their economy. This immigration hotspot provides lucrative remunerations to Telecommunication Network Engineers and this has been attracting trained aspirants to land and work in this favorable economy.

Hence–if you want to get yourself enrolled in Australian payroll and make the most from the dedication and hard work that you have put all this while for getting mastery in Telecommunication Network Engineering–then you must know the process that would govern your movement and make it materialize.

In this article you will be able to get all the information that regulates the movement of these specialists to the ‘Land of the Kangaroos”. In case you want to know how Telecommunication Network Engineers can get PR Visa for Australia, then this article provides the relevant information that you were looking for.

In case you want to move to the country, then few visa and immigration programs can help you, like Employer Nomination Scheme, Point Based Skilled Migration Visa, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, etc. All these migration programs cover Telecommunication Engineers and they are governed by Skilled Occupation List (SOL) under the Aussie immigration authorities.

Given this, in case you are moving to the nation as a skilled Engineer, then you competency, or otherwise, will be duly evaluated by Engineers Australia—a governing body that evaluates skills of the immigrants. It is under the consideration of their assent that your application for Permanent Residence (PR) Visa will be considered.

Once they give a green signal to your petition for Telecommunication Network Engineer for PR Visa, then your application will be scrutinized by the immigration authorities for determining the visa category that would help you land in this country.

Telecommunication Engineering is generally categorized in this country under the CSOL and the SOL visa categories. Under these specific categories, you can be eligible to get through and make it to this country by availing for these visas.

  1. Subclass189 visa that is governed under federal independent class
  2. Subclass 186 visa governed under nomination class
  3. Subclass 190 and 489 that is covered under the provincial nomination class
  4. Subclass 187 that is facilitated through Regional Nomination Skill Migrants
  5. The last one in this category is subclass 457 temporary visas.

So, if you want to know how Telecommunication Network Engineers can get PR Visa for Australia, then these are the ways that you can resort to for successfully making it to this highly loved immigration destination.

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