Learn How to Immigrate to Canada from India!

Immigration is a procedure where adventurous and ambitious people move from one place to another, for a plethora of compelling and pressing reasons. The reasons vary, but a large number of individuals usually re-locate in search of better livelihood opportunities.

History clearly shows that Indians have never shied away from leaving the comforts of their homelands to try their luck in new places even as in the process they have immigrated to different and far-off parts of the World. And, the ‘Maple Leaf Country’ has been there all time favorite immigration destination; in fact, there is no dearth of professionals from India who have shifted to the beautiful shores of Canada over the years.

Since time immemorial, the hot immigration destination has given endless breaks to the experts from different sectors to come, live and work in Canada indefinitely. What makes the Maple Leaf Country Red Hot and stand away from other developed nations is that it does not consider immigrants as a burden; instead it considers them as a national asset and gives them an equal opportunity to grow and contribute towards the national economy of country.

Majority of people in India are go-getting and qualified who are eager to gain quick success and the easiest way it to relocate to their dream destination. If you are one of those motivated & inquisitive Indians, who want to know how to immigrate to Canada from India, then following is the procedure.

First of all, decide the purpose of your immigration and depending on the purpose, a visa will be granted, such as Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, Investment Visa, visa under FSW Program or Canadian Express Class (CEC).

Once the purpose is decided, you may contact a consulate at the Canadian High Commission/Embassy based in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi–the capital City of India–or else for a speedy and helpful immigration & visa related assistance, you may consult an immigration expert.

Consulting an immigration expert is not mandatory but advisable especially for those who follow a hectic daily schedule. Once the purpose of your visit is duly decided, you may obtain the application form; fill in a neat handwriting avoiding unnecessary spelling mistakes.

It is necessary to self-assess your credentials at the end of your petition conclusion. Double-check that you have attached all the required documents and cross check if you have given any false information, as your unknowingly made minor mistakes may land you in a big trouble. Yes, it is true!

Lately, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has answered your question–how to immigrate to Canada from India? And the answer is Canada Express Entry. A great deal has already been said and written about the program and these days many prospective immigrants are eager for the program to become open.

If you are enthusiastic to submit a petition, you can collect the necessary information from the official website of the CIC. Given the fact that the procedure under each program/visa varies and may take different time period to be completed, it is advisable to pre-check the terms and conditions and validity of the procedure.

Why Indians prefer to immigrate to Canada over any other country?

  1. The Maple Leaf Country has one of the largest Asian colonies outside Asia.
  2. Indians enjoy some of the basic rights, such as the freedom to re-locate within the Canadian territory and the right to choose a occupation.
  • The NAFTA agreement gives liberty to business professionals to spread their business in the neighbouring nation, the US, as well.
  1. The Maple Leaf Country gives importance to those skill professionals who are eager to become its permanent residents with the ability either to contribute towards the national growth or create employment opportunities for local people.
  2. Immigrants in Canada are treated at par with the Canadian Citizens.

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