UK Tier-2 Visa—An Overview

Immigration is more or less becoming a hard ballgame for those who are willing to move to different countries, for work, education and other purposes. Now-a-days, with the increase in terrorism activities, many countries have tightened their immigration policies, perhaps, for protecting their homeland.

However, it doesn’t mean that they will not allow any access to their land. The developed countries, such as the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, etc., that are the most sought out destinations for work and education are rigorously changing their immigration laws to filter uncertainties from taking a tangible shape. But the requirements in these economies are also rising on account of their burgeoning growth and their workforce is not sufficient to meet with the demand for skilled labor.

So, they have opened realms for foreigners who can move to their country and work there. Post the revamp in its immigration laws, the UK has also introduced point based Tier Visa system to provide access to those enthusiastic aspirants who are highly skilled, to work on its soils and help the national economy thrive.

The latest one in the skilled visa category is the UK Tier-2 Visa. Under this category, any employer in the country can sponsor you to come and work in the nation. However, you must have a certificate of sponsorship and a job offer from a UK based employer for validating your application. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled at the same time for the Tier-2 Visa application.

This visa is categorized into four head: General, Intra Company Transfer, Sports people and Minister of Religion. And, you must pick the option that fits your purpose. If you want to have the Tier-2 Visa, then you need to undergo these requirements.

As an applicant the discipline of you work must be able to satisfy the S/NVQ level of 3 and above. This parameter can also change based on the requirements of any particular sector and the nature of the job concerned. So, you must have full knowledge about Tier-2 General before applying. At the same time, if you are going for sports people, Ministry of Religion then in that case, you will not be a full time worker for a considerable period; rather it will be a temporary job for a stipulated period of time.

So, in that case, you cannot apply for immigration under Tier-2. Rather you must adhere to Tier-5. In this type of visa application, in general, the Tier-5 Sports and Creative Work Visa lasts for 1 year or 12 month, whereas the Tier-5 Religion Permit lasts from one year to maximum two years. So, based on your specific requirements, you are always in a better position to judge what kind of visa you must adhere to while applying for immigration to the UK.

The concerned visa and immigration authorities will keep a tab on your credentials before approving your visa. All the details and experience that you have will count for getting the visa approved. Since, this type of visa application is wholly facilitated through sponsorship by employers in the guest country, so you can be certain that there won’t be too much competition involved in this type of visa application.

There are also provisions where you can switch your visa category but for understanding that in the best way you need an immigration consultant who would be able to help you out with all the key requirements.

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