Think Big, Apply for UK Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa!

New Realms opened in the history of immigration in UK when the government scrapped its old, obsolete immigration norms and launched a truly vibrant and scintillating Tier visa program that is based on point grading system. Ever since the launch of this pioneering and unprecedented initiative, there have been a large scale migration of skilled workers who are willing to work and thrive in the land of castles with extravagant and lush green vegetation.

The new Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa program provides rewarding opportunities to those enthusiastic individuals have that “x” factor that would help then make not just the most for them but also for the country that will host their temporary sojourn. So, if you are applying for UK, through the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa program, then you need to have an insight on what this program is all about, and how it does function. You will be able to get all critical information that you are longing for in this piece. Consider it carefully if you want to streamline your application in the best way.

Under the program, you will be asked to join the skilled workforce of the host country. Generally, the employer sponsors this program and you will have to appear for certain basic tests under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program. This program is tailored to evaluate your skills and language proficiency. So, if you want to step in the country, then you need to get 50 points on skill assessment and language proficiency folks.

If you are not fulfilling this criterion, then your application is done and dusted. But if you make it to the last leg, then you will be eligible for certain benefits that are covered under this program. If you have applied for immigration to UK, through the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa, then you are eligible to reclaim permanent resident on the completion of five years of stay in the country.

Hence, if you are thinking to be termed a British national, then this permit would help you meet with this dauntless pursuit. Once you get a 50 points in your point based skill assessment test, then you can say that your way to becoming a British nationals will to an extent be compared with a cake walk.

Qualifications will also play a vital role for getting your application processed and approved, and at the same time, your remuneration will also be dependent on the points that you have scored. So, if you score 20 points in the test, then you will get 21,000 British Pounds under your kitty, whereas 15 point applicants will get in between 19500-21,000 Pounds.

And those who have scored 10 and 5 points respectively will get in between 18,000-19,500 and 15,000-18,000 Pounds. So, if you have to dream big and make it materialize, then UK will be perfect for you and the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa is something that, in all probabilities, you should be really interested in.

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