Know How to Apply for Australian PR from India

Australian permanent residents are residents of the country in question. They hold a permanent residency visas but they are not the nation’s citizens. They can remain in the country. A 5-year initial visa, which is related to the existing migration scheme, is granted along with the permanent residency (PR). The visa holder can leave or re – enter freely until initial visa expires.

The features of the PR Visa are that, even if the initial visa expires, the holder can stay in the nation forever without violating any immigration regulations. These PR can be revoked at the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. For getting the PR Permit from India it is essential to go through the below information that enlightens the visa holder. This info may help the aspirants learn how to apply for Australian PR from India. To obtain a permanent residency it is essential to live and work in the country for at least 4 years.

Gain Admission into Australia: Suppose, if the visa holder is located outside the country then the nation’s Department of Immigration informs officially the date of admissions at the time of issuing the permit.


Permanent Skilled Nominated Visa allows the aspirant and the accompanying members.

  • Register for Medicare under system for medical expenses and care.
  • Nation’s prized citizenship can be applied.
  • To pursue studies in the country
  • Can remain and work permanently inside the country
  • Provides sponsorship to family for the status of permanent residence.
  • Enables to use social security payments.

Australian Visa Processing Centers (AVAC) in India

The AVAC (Australian Visa Application Centers) are located in India that provides handing out visa services for Down Under. These services consist of collection of visa application documents, charges, returning of passports to the applicants. This AVAC functions under the guidance of the client service principles of DIAC. Each and every applicant are assessed and determined by the Visa Section of particular Australian Diplomatic Mission, which is located in New Delhi. This Mission functions in accordance with the overseas destination’s immigration policy and legislation.

Processing of Visa Applications

  • The permit subclass must be determined in which you need to lodge the application
  • Applicant must be very familiar with the information provided on the particular permit subclass
  • Visa petition must be filled according to the visa subclass under which you need to lodge the visa submission
  • Security regulations must be read carefully before visiting the AVAC in India.

For obtaining the PR, it is necessary to obey visa condition and laws or else there is no way to get visa from anywhere across the country. The visa holder and his family must agree each and every permit condition as per the laws of the nation. Australian territories and states have unique system of parliaments and courts. As usual judgments passed by the parliament of the nation regarding any visa conflict is respected by whole country.

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