Move to Australia as 141311-Hotel or Motel Manager

Are you a qualified 141311-Hotel or Motel Manager, and wish to earn a great deal of money even as you live in a developed country? If yes, you are advised to mull over Australia immigration. Also known as Down Under, this widely preferred destination can easily fulfill your dreams.

You may easily earn AU$46,225 per annum therein. Significantly, a skill in Customer Service is related with high pay for the given job even while majority of individuals with the job shift to other positions post two decades in the line-of-work.

It’s no secret that the highly favored foreign destination welcomes skilled workers like you, and offers them Skilled Worker Permits and Permanent Residency (PR) rights, so that they may live and work in the nation, without any troubles.

It’s also no secret that Down Under is a well-known place for tourism and leisure purposes and as a result there is an increased requirement of Hotel or Motel Managers–also known as Hoteliers or Publicans– who may productively manage the daily affairs by rendering the needed professional services.

141311-Hotel or Motel Manager: Work Profile

These professionals supervise the personnel, financial operations, besides the marketing movements of hotels & motels. Their duties vary on the basis of their specific titles and place of work. Huge organizations may hire different Hoteliers for different departments.

Skills Set

The aspirants need to be equipped with AQF Associate Degree, Diploma (ANZSCO Skill Level 2) or Higher Diploma. Not less than 3 years of germane experience could replace the prescribed credentials given above. In certain specific cases, appropriate experience, and/or on-the-work training, could be needed, apart from the prescribed credential. There could also be a requirement of listing or registration.

Scheme Eligibility

The candidates in the profession could be qualified for skilled overseas movement, via these popular visa plans, namely, Points Based Skilled Migration, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), and Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subcategory 457).

Application Process

Your vocation finds mention on various skilled occupation lists under the Code 141311. This proves that you are officially required in the country and your expertise is in–demand therein. Submit your Expression of Interest (EoI) via SkillSelect before your get a positive response from the latter to file a submission for a Skilled Worker Visa.

Professional Guidance, Help

Ensure that your EoI manages to impress those who matter. Seek and get professional guidance and help from permit & immigration specialists for the same. They would suitably advise and guide you in the best possible manner, and help you not only with the EoI step, but also subsequent steps, including petition submission and interview.

With their professional support, you can present an error-free petition, complete with all the needed documents, and also leave a good impression on the authorities, and eventually get a visa for your dream destination.

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