Korea Should Implement Canadian Approach!

According to an Immigration expert from America, the Korean government should implement an approach parallel to that of Canadian approach as far as its Immigration policies are concerned.

The Canadian government allows their individual province to have their individual policies, a step which would further enhance the economy in a major way. Additionally, the approach would allow the government to tackle all the immigration related issues with an ease.

Dr. Charles Harns said that by implementing individual policies for each province, the latter would be able to have their own economic goals. They should collaborate together and be partners in deciding as to what policy is apt for these provinces to achieve their goals. He went on to say that while there is no single model for Immigration in the country, he is really looking forward to an immigration model like that of Canada. The immigration policy of the latter allows each province to play a critical role in catering to the Immigration strategies in an attempt to meet the economic needs of the country. This allows them to balance the quantity of temporary migrants with that of the number of immigrants.

A similar model would allow Korea to lure global talent, at the time when the country faces the problem of aging population and other facets. In addition, it is good to have a healthy competition amongst the provinces, which would allow them to learn important aspects from each other and come out with the best practice.

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