Thirty Illegal Immigrant Gang Members Arrested!

Recently, a gang of criminals were arrested in Northern Virginia by the US Immigration Authorities. It was a group of about thirty members and associates carrying out their illegal criminal activities in Northern Virginia. All the members of the group were foreign nationals according to the information revealed by the federal officials.

Amongst all these thirty gang members, twenty nine of them were men and one was a woman. Only one of them belonged to the US and the rest of them are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. The gang members were targeted by the US immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents during the three-day operation. The crime of illegal immigration is on the rise and this operation was targeting the Latino gangs as MS-13, Mexican Pride and Southside men.

Those who got arrested were deported from the country previously but they again entered the nation illegally. Various charges have been pressed against them including assault, possessing a concealed weapon, destruction of property and illegal migration. They will be deported from the United States after receiving their persecution for their criminal activities.

To reduce the criminal activities in the country, especially the ones being committed by foreign illegal immigrants, ICE will now be working closely with the law enforcement partners. This has been said by Scott Rittenberg, an official from the ICE’s Office of Homeland Security Investigation. These gangs are known for carrying out criminal activities catering to drugs and violence in the province. Their arrest is surely going to save the community from further troubles and inconveniences caused by their doings.

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