Labor Market Continues to be Strong in Oz!

According to a recent survey in Australia, the employment industry in the land of Kangaroos is still doing well, despite hit by the global financial crisis. As per figures revealed by the survey report, in the month of June the nation’s job advertisements were up 2.7 percent. What the survey has revealed is making many Oz firms optimistic about the future outlook.

If we see the job advertisements, both internet and print media, posted by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly known as ANZ, it would be cleared how the company has been going great guns. ANZ is a major international banking and financial services group and the third largest bank in Oz. The financial group’s job advertisements rose by 32.2 percent last month, compared to June 2009. This marked the fastest annual growth rate since November 2007. Internet, of late, has emerged as the most popular medium for employers to advertise jobs. Advertisements placed in print media dropped by 1.6 percent last month, while online advertising rose by 3 percent.

However, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is slated to release its report on labor market for the month of June on July 8. Australia’s prominent economists, as well as of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group is hoping the Australian unemployment rate to remain at around 5.2 percent, as forecast by the ABS. He also expects the nation to generate many thousands of new employment opportunities every month.

Home construction projects, as well as mining industry are notably accountable for the job growth in Oz. Thus, construction and mining industries are the greatest sources of employment of late. With this, immigrating to Australia at this point of time seems beneficial for overseas people. If you are intending to immigrate, it is time to seek the professional help of an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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