1233 – Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners in Canada!

The shortage of Insurance surveyors, adjusters and claims examiners has been realized by the Canadians in the last few years. This increase can be considered as due to the growth in the Damage Insurance Market. It is being anticipated that in the future, this market would see a steep growth in the numbers. Thus, this occupation is present in Canada’s new list of 29 occupations for immigration under federal skilled worker program to Canada. These insurance claim examiners could be working in life as well general insurance. In some instances, they are also popularly known as insurance surveyors.

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration

  1. An applicant should be at least a graduate with the relevant professional qualification or a license that authorizes him to examine and approve insurance claims.
  2. An experience of at least one year in capacity of surveyor, examiner or adjuster and balance experience can be in other capacities.
  3. A person must have an experience of around 2-4 years. At the same time, actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills and so on.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Insurance Adjusters are expected to be proficient in the duties mentioned below:

  • Inspection of property and automobile damage.
  • Inquiring the circumstances pertaining to the claims of the insurance. This is done to chalk out the validity of the claim.
  • Consulting claimants, accident witnesses, doctors and other concerned persons, analyzing records and reports and noting down statements.
  • Deciding on the amount covering the damages or loss via insurance policy.
  • Negotiation of the claim settlements
  • Preparation of adjustment reports.

On the other hand, the Insurance Claim Examiners are expected to do the following:

  • Calculating, assessing, examining as well as authorizing claims for insurance which have been inquired by the insurance adjusters.
  • Giving consent on insurance claims pertaining to disability, life, automobile, fire, dental etc.
  • To make sure that all the claims made are valid and that the concerned are granted as per the practices and procedures of the company.
  • Consulting doctors, lawyers and other concerned individuals to discuss the insurance claim.
  • The report made by the adjuster should be examined along with other relevant claims so as to decide the coverage of insurance.

Above all, it is a great profession in Canada for all those in the insurance sector who seek better opportunities for life. Additionally, Canada is one of the developed nations of the world offering state of the art facilities to its residents. With this, an applicant does not need to have a prior job in hand in order to qualify for immigration.

So, if you are eligible under the above requirements, you might have a good chance to immigrate to Canada. Write to us at [email protected] to know more!

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