Lao Refugee Not Granted Exit Visa to Australia!

An asylum seeker who was given the status of refugee by Australia is now finding his future in suspect by both Thailand and Lao. TOUA Vang Cheng, the concerned person has spent all his life till now escaping persecution. He is lying in an uncertain future and this living is not just for day but he goes through this feeling day after another.

Finally, he was given the humanitarian visa to resettle in the land of Kangaroos in the year 2007. But nothing has been confirmed to him till now. Since that time, he has been roaming in various camps and finding his life in a limbo as Thailand and Lao, both are not giving him an exit visa. Therefore, he is finding it difficult to move to Australia too.

It was in the December of 2009, when he along with other refugees and asylum seekers were deported from Thailand coercively by the army of Thailand, back to their detention camps which are located in Laos.

Australia on the other hand is furious about the whole incident and stated that it was working on the procedure to resettle 47 of the group which has been deported. In addition to that Vang, along with other people has already been given humanitarian visas to stay in the land of Kangaroos. But now, he has again fled and hiding somewhere in central Thailand.

His future is lying in limbo. He has no employment and is left with no hope. No official comment has come from the side of Thai and Lao government.

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