Lawsuit against Citizenship and Immigration Canada!

An immigration settlement agency closed last year. Cuddled with accusations of mishandling the finances, the agency filed a lawsuit worth $12 million as opposed to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in addition to two other government officers. The accusations were of various charges including breaching the duty, working out with conspiracies, and showing negligence, leading to its collapse.

Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services, that is a Mississauga based service, has already served thousands of immigrants in its service to offer  language, work-related and other services to them has by now sued five of ex-workers, as they provided  cause of violation to the department of immigration, with a pretext to cancel annual 5 million dollar funding.

The claim stated that an unknown letter that was written in the month of October 2007 by three of the ex workers, accused that the assets of government were unfairly diverted by Andrea Seepersaud, who was the executive director of the Immigrant services agency. The claims involved the distribution of the resources to her partner, Liberal MPP Bob Delaney for the motto of election campaign at that time. The lawsuit also holds claims that an official from the Immigration department played a huge role in instructing the three of them to craft the unknown letter.

Two additional ex- employees were sued on the basis that they stimulated “various frivolous lawsuits as well as complaints related to human rights” by the workers against the Immigrant services agency.

The lawsuit also claimed that the Immigration department caused unemployment in and ended its services to 40,000 of its clients.

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