Philippines Senates Sanctions New Immigration Law!

The Senate in Philippines finally sanctioned the 2009 Immigration Act before closing the 14th Congress in Manila. This act would be updating the current immigration law which was brought out in 1940.

Marcelino Libanan, the Commissioner for Immigration was also present at the Senate to see that the law is passed with all the measures in place. The Commissioner along with his deputies would be continuing in the office for one more year. This extension has been brought about to ensure the drafting and the execution of the new rules and regulations are done appropriately. He stated that he would be offering his resignation as a courtesy of respect to the new president of the nation.

At the same time he also clarified that he did not pursue this move for extending his term in the office during the new administration. He also said that with increasing challenges posed by globalization and the immigration industry cater to amends in the present law. He mentioned that since the law has been passed, almost 7,000 people enter and leave the nation in a single day.

The new law for immigration would see that the Department of Immigration is updated and equipped to cater to all the systems and personnel catering to it.

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