Liberal Democrats Termed as Dishonest

The nature of British politics is slowly taking a new shape with the surge from the Liberal Democrats building momentum. This is the first time in a century that they are the front runners in an election campaign. This was next to impossible prior to the TV debate when Nick Clegg’s performance created history.

The main reason behind their popularity is their assertion of being moderate and honest. This was the claim held by Nick Clegg while he posed to be an honest man not without a reason and one who could to be trusted upon.

The manifesto of the Liberal Democrat seems to be a big punch on the social cohesion and the national identity of the British. However, the key issue here is whether these Lib Dems are actually what they claim to be that is being moderate, straight and reasonable. Here, the main issue amongst the voters is immigration. This has been the issue after ten years of the open door policy for the Labourers which turned to be a disaster.

During the debate, Clegg spoke of toughing the borders and at the same time accused Brown of sitting on chaos. More so, while boasting about their honesty, the moment on television was termed as the most dishonest while he spoke on immigration. This is because they are more than determined to further break down the borders.

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