Immigrants to Outnumber Aussies by 2025, says Survey

According to a recent survey, a local Australian born family would be less in number when compared to their migrant counterparts from Europe and Asia. It is being speculated that this transition would happen as early as by 2025. Thus, Australia would have more number of immigrants than its own local population.

Macroplan Australia who are the demographic consultants projected the data as per which the immigrant families are soon going to take over. The main reason behind this has been the ageing population in Australia. Since ageing is the problem, it would hardly take fifteen years for the migrant families to take over.

This is definitely not going to go down easily with the local Australian citizens. As per them, the population of the country is already beyond limits for the local resources to cater to. The infrastructure of the nation is draining away because of this overweight.

According to Brian Haratsis, the Chief Executive of Macroplan, immigration is important for the economic growth of the nation although it needs to be managed appropriately and with efficiency. Otherwise, the locals would have to pay more taxes.

According to the data of the survey, 14.2% of the immigrants were of British origin. Another 11.4% from New Zealand, 11.2% from India and Chinese constituted of 10.5%.

The 2006 census revealed forty percent of the population of Australia constituted of people who were either born in another nation or had atleast one parent born overseas. Above all, the current level of migration clearly depicts the jump by fifty percent by 2025.

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