Will BNP Come to Power Again?

As per a new report brought out by the Left-wing Institute of Public Policy Research, those people are voting for the BNP who have not experienced much of immigration. This is when there are only three weeks left to elections.

In those areas where there are significant numbers of migrants, the local people in such places are particularly not concerned about immigration. This is a mere contradiction to what is being told by the party itself.

However, there are other reasons behind the success of BNP. These include the political and socio – economic factors. When it comes to those places where the average qualifications level is comparatively low which has led to people not getting good opportunities for employment, it has led to the people not able to get along with people from other communities. This clearly shows the lack of social cohesion.

The old excuse of not having enough resources does not seem to be working here. More so, if this is the case, the BNP should not be voted for under any circumstance. Instead, one of the Left – Wing parties could come to power. They would cater more to the white areas which are extremely poor. Also, most of the BNP voters in the north have turned from Labour which makes even more sense to opt for the Left party.

All in all, it is for the people to decide and likely policies have to be brought about.

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