Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Live and work in Europe with a Portugal Job Seeker Visa.

If you cannot get a work permit in Portugal, you may try your luck with a job seeker visa. A job seeker visa is a unique way to find a job in Portugal and settle legally. Introduced in 2022, the Portugal job seeker visa allows non-EU nationals to enter Portugal without a prior job offer. The pathway aims to combat labor shortages in Portugal by inviting skilled professionals in critical industries. 

Features of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • The visa entitles its holder to enter and remain in Portugal to seek job opportunities.
  • The job seeker visa is granted for 120 days, which can be extended for another 60 days. The extension is only available once.
  • The visa also allows you to carry out additional work activities until the passport expires or the residency permit is granted.

Why the Portugal Job Seeker Visa?

  • There is no need for IELTS.
  • One of the best places to live, work, and retire
  • Enjoy unlimited family benefits after getting a residency.
  • Explore the job market in Portugal for six months.
  • You can stay in Portugal for 120 days with a possible 60-day extension, which will provide you with sufficient time to search for a job.

Portugal’s job seeker visa is the ultimate gateway for anyone seeking new European opportunities. This program offers a unique platform for exploring Portugal’s vibrant culture, rich diversity, and picturesque landscapes. The job seeker visa is perfect for Indian skilled workers who cannot apply for a work permit due to certain conditions. The holder can become part of Portugal’s workforce and potentially secure long-term residency.

Documentation requirements

Below is the list of documents you will need before applying for a Portugal job seeker visa:

  • Duly signed and filled out the National Visa application form.
  • Copy of a valid passport and other travel-related documents.
  • Proof of your legal status if you are applying from a country where you do not hold citizenship.
  • A valid copy of a criminal history certificate issued by the relevant authority in the country where you reside over the last year.
  • Copy of flight and travel itinerary.
  • A copy of your approved IEFP form.
  • Valid travel insurance covering necessary medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  • Proof of funds that should be equivalent to at least the sum of three guaranteed monthly minimum salaries.
  • A letter explaining your motives and reasons to seek employment in Portugal.

Other documents

  • Declaration with an indication of the conditions for the estimated stay.
  • Proof of presentation of a declaration of expression of interest for enrolment in the IEFP (EN), (PT), (FR), or (ES).

How can Abhinav Immigration Services help you?

Applying for a Portugal job seeker visa is a complicated and daunting process, as one must be fully aware of the steps taken and documents required. This is where our visa agents come into the picture and make things easier for you. At Abhinav, we have an extensive team of visa experts who can help you plan the process and track your progress. So, no more delays. Contact our team today and get your job seeker visa seamlessly. For more information you can connect with our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected].

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