London to Make Visa Laws for Graduates, Researchers Easier

Here’s a positive news report for the students in the UK eager to apply to switch to a Skilled Worker Visa! Thanks to a proposed immigration law change, it is likely to become a lot easier for the foreign students and researchers in the UK, to hunt for a job in the country.

The British Administration will, reportedly, change the immigration rules to make it simpler for the foreign students and researchers to hunt for work in the nation. Allegedly, this is a new sign of a shift to a more welcoming approach by London.

Coming back to the improvements in detail, these comprise plans to enable students to apply to move to a Skilled Worker Visa soon after they are through with their course instead of having to cool their heels until they get their degrees.London to Make Visa Laws for Graduates, Researchers Easier

As per the available information, taking a new attitude to the international student subject, the Home Office is also getting ready to extend a pilot scheme that has eased visa laws for students submitting an application to the different master’s courses at these universities, namely, Imperial College London, Oxford, Bath, and Cambridge.

Still, some important matters–around the nation’s post-Brexit behavior of the European Union (EU) researchers, graduate workers and students–continue to be resolved in the immigration bill of the administration.

The planned changes enable a student to graduate to a Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa as soon as they are done with their studies, or have embarked on their final exam, in place of waiting until they have obtained their degree.

That change is believed to have surfaced in reply to universities notifying the Home Office that the present laws lead to major problems for the master’s students, who have to frequently wait for many months post the end of their course, prior to they receive their degree.

In the meantime, the improvement to the Exceptional Talent Scheme reportedly cuts down two years off the present five-year delay for eligibility for settlement under the scheme, which is allegedly aimed at the present global leaders or promising future frontrunners in a variety of segments. The same comes after the figure of the visas obtainable yearly under the plan was doubled by 100%, and made 2,000 from the previous 1,000.

The bill amending the immigration rules is believed to be scheduled for the spring.

In the meanwhile, a Universities UK spokesperson has, reportedly, hailed the positive changes allegedly on both the employment of staff and making it faster for students to move into post-study work. He added that in the coming months he would prefer to see the administration do more and commit to a plan for improving the figure of the global students.

In a related development, is has been learnt that the different UK segments could follow different postures on the immigration White Paper, and the issue of whether it is adequate to take a “light touch” attitude to the people of the EU in the Tier 2 Skilled Worker and Tier 4 Student Visa programmes, or better to campaign for some other arrangement for the inhabitants of the EU.

Under the Tier 2 structure, it is mandatory that the job-providers/firms register even as salary thresholds are in force, even as both requirements might, allegedly, impede the capacity of the students from the EU to live on and do a job in the UK, post their graduation.

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