New Delhi Warns London against Restricting Movement of Migrants from India

India has reportedly used its huge market to drive home the message to the UK that if it fails to accept more migrants from India, and cuts down immigration to the alleged the “tens of thousands”, its own economic interest would be hurt more, and there may not be free deals between the two nations.

Recently, the incumbent India’s High Commissioner to Britain reportedly stated that London must admit more immigrants in case it is interested in free trade deals after it pulls out from the European Union (EU). The development comes as the Tories reportedly promise, as mentioned before, to considerably decrease the immigration figures to the tens of thousands by the time it pulls back from the EU in March next year.New Delhi Warns London against Restricting Movement of Migrants from India

Addressing some Indian business heads in the British Capital—London–the Commissioner reportedly stated that freer movement of people and experts is very important for any future trade treaty between the two nations to be mutually advantageous.

Significantly, it is not the first time Britain has been warned over its alleged blocking immigration rules involving India which is a very big market in the world with more than 1.25 billion individuals.

Reportedly, the in-office British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, was actually cautioned on his visit to India in the month of January this year that the curbs put on visas are jeopardizing a future trade relationship between the two countries.

In April, 2017, London launched the Immigration Skills Charge, whereby recruiters/firms must shell-out 1,000 Pounds every year for every person they employ on a Tier 2 Visa – the class of skilled employees, minus a PhD.

It comes post a new report by the Commonwealth of Nations which reportedly claimed London may sign a profitable deal with New Delhi once it pulls out from the EU.

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