Trump Immigration roadmap is great news for Indian Skilled Professionals!!

The in-office US President, Donald Trump, has reportedly stated that it is high time the US shifted entirely to a merit-based admission structure at the time of sanctioning Green Cards, since that’s the only manner to put the US before all.

Expressing his strong nationalist views on the subject, Trump proclaimed that it is time to shift towards a merit-based immigration arrangement–one that allows individuals who have the necessary skills, who can make a handy contribution to the American people and society, who can love and admire the US.

Though the president’s merit-based immigration arrangement may prove useful for the highly trained manpower from India, As well, “chained migration” under Trump will not be encouraged.Trump Immigration roadmap is great news for Indian Skilled Professionals!!

The president also emphasized that nobody may receive everything they look forward to, adding his immigration proposal is a reasonable compromise one where nobody obtains the whole thing they yearn for.

The president afterwards sketched what he called the four pillars of his “immigration reform” to the US Congress. In case Trump manages to get the Congressional support for his immigration plans, they will comprise 4 issues – the ones that his general followers see as weak links in the present law.

What the 4 pillars are?

* Pillar Number 1: Corridor to the US citizenship to 1.8 million unlawful immigrants ushered in to the nation by their parents.

* Pillar Number 2: A huge wall on the country’s southern side under a plan to protect its borders.

* Pillar Number 3: Closing the door on the visa lottery scheme.

* Pillar Number 4: Defending the nuclear family, via bringing chain migration to an end.

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