London Mayor Not Favoring UK Immigration Cap!

Boris Johnson, the London Mayor has been going all against the planned cap on UK immigration. According to him, this new cap is not good for the country’s economy. It will adulterate the economy, affirmed the Daily Mail.

He further added that the cap would create risk factors as far as the economic recovery of the nation is concerned. This would be done as London would be placed at a competitive disadvantage as far as the international competition for talent and inward investments are concerned. In addition, skills gaps would be created, courtesy the UK Immigration Cap.

London’s Conservative mayor has taken this debate to another level, stating that UK’s government intention to curb down the skilled immigrants from countries like Indian and outside EU would lead to “recruitment problems” in the coming future. British firms are struggling hard to find prospective employees for their tasks.

Industry experts feel that this cap would further create a shortage of skilled workers in Britain, especially when the professionals from India are applauded for their IT skills and sheer skills in various areas of finance and medicine.

This step would not only create skills shortage in the country but would take away the opportunity from prospective Indian Immigrants who are intending to make their future and get employment in the UK.

In response to all this controversy, Immigration Minister Damian Green suggested that the reliance on immigrant workers must be put to an end!

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