British Business Secretary Opposes Immigration Cap!

Immigration debate is still on high in UK with consultations going on the cap pertaining to those immigrants coming from the non-EU nations. Amidst this debate, Vince Cable, the Senior Liberal Democrat Leader and the Business Secretary has again notified of the impact this could have on the nation’s relations with India and other non-EU countries.

During a speech at the Annual Dinner of the Indian Journalist’s Association, Mr. Cable restated his resistance to the limit on immigration. This cap is when especially for people coming from such nations where in Britain could build strong relations of trade. He also said that he is aware of the threat that comes about for not agreeing to this idea of cap. At the same time, he intends to see a more liberal flow of individuals between UK and India.

When Mr. Cable visited India along with Prime Minister David Cameron, the Indian leaders and the businesses were assured that this cap would be implemented in a very flexible way. This assurance from Mr. Cable came about post Anand Sharma, the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry said that these curbs would harm the economic engagement between the two nations.

On the other hand, many of the leading businesses in Britain did not seem very satisfied with this cap. As of now, this cap is expected to be implemented in April 2011. As per many businesses this limit to be imposed might lead to a shortage of skilled professionals and might even force them to relocate overseas in search of jobs. This also includes countries like India where people can find prospective employment.

Mr. Cable also mentioned that the potential is huge when it comes to ties and links pertaining to trade with India. He also accused the previous British government of not concentrating on the relations with India. At the same time, he maintained that the nation would definitely rebuild it. Many of us do not know but Mr. Cable’s late first wife was Indian.

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