Mayor Concerned on the Immigration Cap!

The Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson seems to be concerned about the effect on the immigration cap especially for those belonging to the non-EU nations on the economy of London. He has written to the Home Secretary to see if the rules could be amended a bit making it easy for some workers.

The new immigration cap is expected to be implemented from April 2011. However, Mr. Johnson feels that such a cap on housing benefit would make it mandatory for about 17,000 families to relocate.

This cap on the non-EU immigration was one of the commitments in the manifesto of the Conservative Party. Theresa May, the Home Secretary soon after taking office brought about 24,000 being the temporary limit for the migrant workers who are coming from the nations not belonging to the EU.

As per him, the backlash regarding immigration took place to due to the decisions taken by the previous Labour Government which permitted more numbers of people. This obviously led to a reaction in the form of a cap by the new government. This can be considered as a reasonable action to put a grip on it.

As of now, consultations regarding the final figure for this cap are still going on. This would be announced most probably by the end of this year.  Above all, the question is whether or not, the economy of Britain sustain minus this important labour force from the non-EU nations who form the backbone of the growing British economy.

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