Britain is Attracting More Immigrants!

According to statistics, Britain has broken records when it comes to attracting immigrants to Britain. The country has moved ahead of France and Germany as far as alluring immigrants from all over the world are concerned.

Courtesy the amendments in the immigration policies, the regulations have become tougher for the prospective applicants to immigrate to these two countries. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why Britain managed to attract more immigrants. Plus, the new figures show that the year 2008 witnessed Britain taken almost ten times the figure taken by these countries together. This is a phenomenal hike seen in the past few years.

According to figures out by Eurostat, the year 2008 saw UK growing by a healthy margin of 226,400, courtesy the overall migration. Also, one in five migrants who were granted citizenship by an EU nation since the year 2002 was made British. These figures have raised the issue of mass immigration, hence taking criticism from industry critics all over the world.

Other figures say that as far as the years from 2002 and 2008 are seen, almost 1,008,500 applicants were granted citizenship, which means 20 per cent out of 4.9 million overseas people made a citizen of any EU country. One third of them belonged to African nations, while Indian subcontinent people marked one out of five in them.

France managed to get 973300 people while Germany bagged 871700 people., coming at second and third position to UK, when it comes to making new citizens over the mentioned phase of time.

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