Sham Wedding Detention!

This couple came at Sheffield Town Hall to marry each other. Rather, they ended up being the target of the arrest which was planned by the local police to detect a sham marriage scam. The man, a Pakistani by birth and aged 29 wanted to tie the knot with a Slovakian woman, aged 35. She lives in Darnall on a legal basis. But both faced arrest as they are accused of having connections with exploiting the immigration related laws.

Reports say that it was planned marriage, the sole purpose of which is to provide immigration status to the husband. Speculations are that the main motto was the intention to keep the Pakistani national for long term in Britain.

In addition to these arrests, five other people were also taken into custody as they have been speculated to have been a part of the wedding ceremony. It has been believed that they hold involvement in the scam marriage.

Scam marriages are very common in various countries. It was not long back when 5 people were taken into custody regarding the matter of sham marriage. They revealed that women are provided with a healthy pay of £12,000and asked to show their participation in the sham marriage. This was relevant for Nigerian men who intend to settle down in the UK and get indulge in all kinds of fake marriages for fulfilling their purposes.

People who were taken into custody were driven into police vans from the city centre. The issue of illegal immigration and sham marriage are becoming an issue of serious concern in all the countries. These cases only strengthen this aspect even further.

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