Look Poor to Avoid Criminals Attention!

As the racial attacks in Australia on Indian students is not seeming to stop, the Victoria Police chief came up with an interesting, rather ridiculous advise for the Indian students. The police chief, Simon Overland said in a recent international students’ safety forum, that the Indians studying in Australia should maintain a ‘low profile’ in order to avoid racial attacks on them!


In the safety forum, which was attended by near about 150 people the police chief asked Indian students not to flaunt their gadgets, valuable accessories and jewelry. They were asked to look as poor as possible. He also urged foreign students to take other safety measures like not to travel at late night in crime prone areas. According to him, students should be careful and take necessary measures themselves as much as they can. Avoiding high-risk areas like Melbourne is one of the measures foreign students could take in order to help themselves!

Simon Overland’s advise however fumed the secretary of Federation of Indian Students of Australia, Gautam Gupta. The police chief’s advise for Indian students to avoid being assaulted aroused him to acclaim, ‘do the Indian students have no right to be rich?’ According to him, Indian students do not require to look poor to feel safe in Australia!

But, the forum’s organizer defends Simon Overland by saying that the latter did not hurt the Indian community intentionally, but he just tried to describe possible ways through which students can avoid undesirable incidents!

Whatever may be the statement or intention, it is true in any case that Indian students should be careful and save themselves from becoming victim of racial attacks!

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