Rapper Shyne Declined Entry to the UK!

Famous Rapper Shyne, despite remaining in prison for nine years, has managed to come back into media all over again! Earlier the rapper legally altered his name from Jamal Michael Barrow to Moses Michael Leviy in order to show his association with Judaism.

Now in recent news, he has been forbidden entry in the UK premises. Sources say that he planned to visit London via Cancun but ended up being caught with the Immigration officers over some travel documents. He was restricted entry in the UK and was ordered to turn back.

News is that the rapper was marching towards London in order to work on his new album and was accompanied by his associates including an artist recruited for his latest album. Despite his plans, he got stuck in an Immigration issue. Additionally, his song “All my Life,” which was draped with lyrics on his life in prison, was leaked out on the web world.

His new album “All My Life” hallmarks Akon and Mavado and has been grabbed from DJ Khaled’s album Victory!

Also, the rapper has been denied an entry in the U.S. He has spent nine out of ten years at a Correctional Facility for an involvement in a shoot out, which left three people injured in a night club. The incident involved “Combs” and his earlier girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez! Therefore, he had to travel through Mexico in an attempt to enter London.

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