Major Turn for UK Immigration!

According to the recent statistics from the Home Office, there has been more number of immigrants from European nations such as Czech Republic and Poland who have abandoned the United Kingdom rather than settling down in the nation.

This has been the first major turn around since the UK immigration from the time immigration went on a large scale in Europe. Forty five thousand have arrived in the UK as A8 nationals compared to fifty seven thousand departures in 2009.

The A8 pertains to the nations of the central and Eastern Europe such as Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania and Czech Republic. These nations were included to the European Union in 2004.

The total migration figures for the year which ended in September 2009 have decreased. As per the data, the level of immigration is only increasing by 142,000 and has descended by 160,000 in the last year.

It has been announced by the new Coalition government in the UK that it would bring about a cut in immigration especially for those belonging to the non-EU nations. However, no specific limit has been set as of now.

According to Damian Green who is the Immigration Minister for the United Kingdom, the new plans for immigration would involve cuts on the number of work permits, a system that would cater to the international students intending to come to the UK and lastly, actions on marriage.

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