Malaysians Charged of Fake Immigration!

PONTIAN: Seventeen Malaysians were charged under Section 2(2) of the Passport Act and have been penalized to pay a heavy amount between RM1, 000 and RM1, 800 as they were unsuccessful in showing their passports while they were leaving for Singapore. They were taken into custody Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex, which is located in Bukit Chagar.

They may be accused of fake immigration as all of them failed to produce their passports which they were expected to show on July 6.

Under the under Section 2(2) of the Passport Act, the accused is charged of a fine of not more than a RM10, 000 fine or taken into police custody for five years or under that (if found convicted).

The seventeen accused hold no representation and have pleaded guilty. There is another person, not in this group of 17, but was detained with them and will be charged in the coming days after he failed to mark his presence at the Pekan Nenas Immigration Sessions Court.

The groups has pleaded that they should be announced a lenient sentence as they have their clans to support in the country. In addition, they were running to get employment in Singapore, that’s why leniency should be granted.

To avoid such scams (knowingly or unknowingly), always ensure the presence of an Immigration expert by your side.

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