Haitian Visa Numbers to Canada are Low!

After the deadly earthquake stuck Haiti, reports have confirmed that the quantity of Haitians approved to come to Canada is less than the government’s own set target to bring Haitians to the country.

According to a statement by Canadian government, the number of immigration applications for Haitians approved this year is 1,031. But if stats from the year 2009 are seen, the figures are double the amount of stats recorded at the same point, but still less than the current target for Port-au-Prince, which is near to 2,235.

Critics are of the view that given the condition, where thousands of people are still in the need of shelter, food, water and sanitation, it becomes the duty of the Canadian government to exceed its numbers. One of the critics from TCRI states that the number is ridiculously low. Given the condition that people are going through a period of emergency and distress, the waiting period is increasing day by day. No one is sure as to when they would be given more visas.

Others believe that targets are being met as if it is just a normal year, ruling out the chances as to how serious the situation is turning out to be for those Haitians who are waiting in queues.

A spokesperson from Citizenship and Immigration Canada has given answers to these critics stating that they should wait by the end of this year to see the exact statistics and how many visas are granted.

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