No Difference between Asylum Seekers and Prisoners in UK!

According to the Chief Inspector of Prisons, the illegal migrants and the asylum seekers are being treated like prisoners in UK’s detention centers. Dame Anne Owers said this in response to the supposedly cruel treatment of these refugees and asylum seekers before they are deported back to their native countries. As per Owers, there is an increasing conflict between effective care of detainees in the immigration custody and the forced deportation of such people.

The main objective of the UK Border Agency is to ensure control on immigration in the nation. At the same time, this should not be taken as prison for the undocumented migrants. A prison is a place where people are held safely as a purpose of detention. This is not the same when it comes to asylum seekers as well as the job of the UK Border Agency.

According to the Chief Inspector, this responsibility for the detention of these undocumented people is entrusted on with a different agency. This is because during the process of deportation, detention is in some way inevitable. So, definitely the process of detention is not appreciated all the time. So, separating the two processes of detention and deportation to have immigration control would be apt.

This view came about after reports suggesting increased violence between the staff and the detainees came to light. The Brook House Detention Centre was the latest of such reports. Here, the detainees claimed to be harassed and tortured where as the staff was found to be inexperienced. Here, Owers said that during inspection, she found the Brook House completely unsafe.

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