Investigation on Controversial Letter in Salt Lake City!

An investigation has been ordered regarding the source of a letter which had a list of people who have been charged of being undocumented migrants. This order has been passed by Gary Herbert who is the Governor of Utah.

The investigation would investigate for the names and the social security numbers and whether or not they were the consequence of a leak within a government agency. Politicians, officials from the law enforcement as well as the news media had received letters which enlisted names of people to be living illegally in Utah.

If the letter is to be believed, more than 1300 residents of Utah are being claimed to be exposed as being undocumented with a deportation demand. This letter also mentions the addresses, phone numbers as well as the date of birth and the social security numbers in a few instances. It also includes the names of a few pregnant women and as per the letter; these women should be deported instantly.

The letter was received from a group proclaiming to be the Concerned Citizens of the United States. However, no address or any other information pertaining to their contact details was mentioned. There was nothing additional in the letter that gives a clue about this group.

As per a local Hispanic community leader, this letter is yet another example of racial profiling. Additionally, Jim Winder, the County Sheriff of Salt Lake also received a copy of the letter. He says that there is nothing significant which could prove the claim.

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